Monday, October 31, 2011


Was out with my ex-colleague, Min the other day, lunch + shop around + bitching session then we had ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery @ Orchard Central. We shared a Cotton Candy flavored ice cream + Gummy bears & Kitkats! Yums.


Love this shot of Min, so pretty! (:


Yay, gummy bears! Nom you all!

So Min decided to drop by her boyf's Dwayne campus while he was having his Ultimate training. Yeah i know, what's ultimate training? It's basically frisbee.

I didn't know anybody plays frisbee as a real sports!!! Had a good laugh when min initially told me lol cos i thought people only play frisbee with dogs.
And she said his mum will tell him :"今天又要去玩那个狗玩的东西哦!"
Which translates to " You're going to go play that thing DOGS play with today?"


Last week we met up again, this time for dinner at Brewbakers, was talking to Alvin from XPR at the Singtel Bloggers event i attended and i was complaining that there's no cool cafes and nice places to hangout with friends around hougang/sengkang/punggol area, so he introduced me to one of his favourite hunts, Brewbaker's.



Brewbaker's. they are basically a bar, restaurant cafe place. Even has a pool table that you can play after dinner with friends and has a huge screen showing football and it's by the punggol/sengkang waterway so it's pretty nice & relaxing when the weather is good/cooling.



See, very cooling hahaha.


Baked mushroom with cheese, lobster & crab bits.


Mango float, kinda weird-ish. Didn't really like it.


Lol there's the gym on our left facing the restaurant, so sad for them, they are like dying and running on the treadmill and working out and looking at the people having their meals at Brewbakers. LOL


Mmm. my beef ribs with wedges was pretty yummy, the beef ribs were well seasoned and tender, but not as tender as the beef ribs i had in Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney - but good enough. and the wedges were really crispy! Noms.

Oh and i do love the sauce for the beef ribs. Can't really remember what sauce is that thou.


They tried the marybrown chicken and another main which i can't recall! They said it was pretty good too.



So cute they shared a banana split, for some reason i haven't touched a banana split since i was in primary school!



Yay, Warm apply crumble with ice cream, i request for mango ice cream instead of the usual vanila, yums. Love the apple crumble.

So somebody was boasting that he can tie double cherry stalk knots with his mouth so we asked for one to see if he can really do it!






Eh still in the process of tyingggggggggg. After a long wait...


Lol bluff! One knot only where got double knot. Ok la, clap clap for the effort. Haahah

It's actually located at Sengkang Sports Complex or whatever it's called, the one with the indoor swimming pool and drive-in MacD's.

59 Anchorvale Road
#01-06 Anchorvale Community Club
Tel: (65) 6886 1811

Sponsored Ad: Milly's nail & Bugis essensuals

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sponsored Advertorial:

Was having dinner with Nadnut and Esther the other night and seeing their perfectly manicured nails, i realized that i haven't been to Milly's to get mine done for ages!

So the very next day, after church i went to Milly's with the girls to get mine done! Went to the Bugis Branch because i love one of the manicurist, Tina! I can always trust her nail art skills. Heh


Huge range of OPI colours and other nail polish brands.

I finally tried the Gellish nail at Milly's, previously i was sponsored a session of gellish nails from another nail salon but the results was not good so i didn't blog about it.

Basically gellish nails have the look and the durability of Gel nails, but it's least harmful to the nails and it takes like, half the time to get it done.

Lol, it's especially awesome for your pedicure! If you're wearing covered up pumps and you're rushing off and you don't have the luxury of sitting there forever to let your toenails dry, with gellish polish they would apply the polish, "bake" it under UV light and within a couple of minutes it's dry and ready to go!

How awesome!! The waiting for normal nail polish to dry part is always a bore for me so I'm loving the Gellish nails!


Luckily for boyfriend, he came after work so just nice Tina was just finishing off with my nail art and gellish top coat, So he didn't wait long. I did a classic pedicure too, shiok!


My Gellish nails! Did a Red/White base with little red floral details. Cath Kidston inspired nails.
Lol i was at a Kinohimitsu event, blog about it soon!


For my toes, it was gellish nails too. Classic red with a small cluster of white roses to match my mani! (:

Hohoho, it's been a week and it still looks perfect, no chipping, no scratches. I likey. Very good for girls like me who are very rough LOL!

Call them for an appointment to get your pretty nails done now:

Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-129
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723

Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
Tel: 63384137

Bugis Street, Little Red Dot
Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
Tel: 63384137

Esther went to Bugis Essensuals to touch up her hair roots, so after my nails are done boyfriend and i went over to look for her, lol so funny she damn blur went to tell the stylist she wanted to "touch up the color on her hair tips" lol how to touch up color on hair tips!


Nothing to do, camwhore!





We were all starving by the time Esther was done with her hair so i drove them to Sunshine Plaza and had dinner at the authentic thai place that i used to have frequently.


Not sure what Esther ordered but I'm loving my Iced Lemongrass, so refreshing!


Hello Miss Blondie with her pretty touched up roots. (: Heh, yay we shared a tom yum soup.


My HUGE serving of yummy Phad Thai with extra lime juice, that's what i always order when i'm at a thai food place.

Esther's Stir-Fried Chicken with Basil, i think the standard dropped a little, it used to smell soooo good when it was served that i cannot resist stealing a few bites of it from my unsuspecting dining mate lol. Now, it's still yummy but just not that great.


Mango sticky rice with extra extra extra coconut flooding the whole plate lol!

How are you spending your weekend? I have Zouk dancing lessons at Mosiac Dance with J, nadnut & CCB - will blog about it another day, then on Sunday after church I'll be hitting the beach with J, Min & Dwayne for some catch some sun then prolly go grab some grub with them afterwards. Enjoy your weekend! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Elizabeth Ceramide Range

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sponsored Review:

Attended an evening tea session with Elizabeth Arden awhile ago, it was held at Naumi Hotel, my first time @ naumi hotel, couldn't find carpark thou! Boo, why no carpark lots one.

Anyway, i was running a little late since i couldn't find a parking lot around the area so i had to park at Raffles Hotel and walk over to Naumi Hotel, yay surprised to see some sweet treats prepared for us when i finally reached the room where the event was held!


YAY to berries! Antioxidant boost for the evening!



So cute they prepared these little bears for us guests along with our goodie bags, my bear is playing with my guinea pigs now haha just the right size so my guinea pigs will lie on the teddy's belly or legs and fall asleep sometimes, it's soooo adorable!


So the dress code was slumber party - comfy sleep wear!
Wore this white/lace tunic top with a satin shorts underneath, and my over sized Billabong hoodie (:



It was a nice evening, us 6 ladies gathered around and listening to tips and advices from Elizabeth Arden's rep all of us in comfy sleepwear and pretty much relaxed.


Yay we got to bring home and try out the Elizabeth Arden Gold Capsules, do you know that these plumping firming ampoules have been around for a long long time? Maybe you've even seen your mummy or grandma use this product.

We were told that through time the formula for this product has never been changed, because results proven that the formula works wonder for many, so only the packaging and all has changed.



After all, I'm only 21, i didn't expect wonders because i do not have much wrinkles etc at this age, but i love it that although it's oil based - the oily feeling goes away after you massage your face just after awhile. It does not leave your skin feeling sticky and oily at touch. Since i have oily skin, products that feels oily to me is usually a big no-no!

I used this everyday when i was in Australia and it was so cold i guess it was one of the reason why my sensitive skin did not act up even thou the weather was so harsh on my skin.


Do you know you can use it on your hair and dry parts of your body like your elbow, knees, ankle if you have excess or you can use ampoules just for those areas if you're too rich lol!

Personally after i apply on my face and neck i will still have a little excess i would apply some on the tips of my hair and rub it into my hands. Don't waste the precious stuff. hahahah


Here's the full Elizabeth Arden Ceramide range, go try it!
Prevention is always better! If you wait till you're 25 and your wrinkles starts to pop out line by line by then it'll be too late!

Would love to try out the Ceremide eye capsules or Ceremide eye cream thou, have a few mini lines forming at my inner undereye area and i'm freaking out!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Need my choco fix.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Feeling a wee bit moody lately because J and i have been quarreling a little and it's always over silly things and I'm never one who likes to get into arguments. Why is it so hard for men to listen sometimes.

Luckily most of the time he would compromise or I'd tried to cool down and pacify him. Hope this would pass soon. Craving for some Royce chocolates. Need my choco fix. ):

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sydney, Australia Spring 2011: Day 2

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 2 in Aussie!

So i was suppose to have my beginner surfing lesson on Bondi Beach that morning, but i woke up a wee bit late plus it was FREEZING, i was wearing thick leggings, long sleeved shirt dress & socks in our apartment and it was still too cold. Cannot imagine dunking myself into the freezing waters in Bondi Beach so i called the surfing school up and told them i needed to postpone my lesson because it was too cold. Lol

So i did some research on tripadvisor before the trip and found this free city tour listed as one of the top most do tours, really good reviews and well it's free what's the harm? (:

It's called I'm Free tours of Sydney, here's their website if you're interested to check out the city and cover all the must go landmarks within a couple of hours -

Review of the tour on tripadvisors:

Caught a bus from our apartment to the Bondi Junction train station, then a train to Town Hall just a couple of stops away..


So i alighted at town hall, followed the signboard at the train station and came out thru one of the exits, crossed the road and here i am at town hall!


IMG_0997>  <img src=


Oh when you're there, look out for a lady or guy in a bright green tee like this!




So we started the tour from here, our tour guide Justin was really funny and i got to learn lots of interesting facts of Sydney that i would not have known if i hadn't been on this tour.

Loved that the I'm free tour wasn't all about boring old ass history that happened eons ago but i had a good laugh at all the funny interesting stuff.

I would really recommend this city walking tour if you would like to explore Sydney in a more fun, interesting way. (:







I loved Hyde Park! Totally regret not going back there again on another day and just chill and feed birds/read my kindle or whatever.





Lol apparently this Pig thing was donated to the Sydney Hospital by some country (i can't remember) and back at that country it was believed that you'll get good luck if you toss a coin there and rub his nose. Hahahah awww got rubbed so much the nose has been rubbed golden!

But seems like some naughty people have been rubbing ANOTHER spot for "luck"


Look at his erm.. golden genitals AHAHAHAH


Where a couple of scenes from the Superman was filmed!




Somebody build some cute little birdhouse on top of the telephone box!







A shot with the tour guide, Justin!
Thanks for the awesome tour it was a fun afternoon. (:


Just sitting by the harbor and enjoying the nice weather! How i wished Singapore was like that. As if i can walk around around singapore for 3 hours and not break into sweat, sit at some random place to enjoy the beautiful view.






So since I'm already at the Circular Quay, went to Sydney Opera House to check out if there's any interesting musicals etc, but there was only a symphony and a french opera.. so symphony it is!




Went to the Guylian cafe along circular quay for dinner, had a hot choc and a mushroom/ham quiche!




Heh, got this cute bunny knitted bedroom slippers/socks from F21 to warm my freezing toes!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.